The Beachbody Company, Inc.

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The Beachbody Company, Inc.
400 Continental Boulevard
Suite 400
El Segundo, CA 90245
United States

Headquartered in Southern California, BODi is a leading digital fitness, nutrition, and mindset subscription company with over two decades of creating innovative content and nutritional supplements designed to support and enrich strong Health Esteem. The Beachbody Company, Inc. is the parent company of BODi. For more information, please visit BODi is on a mission to build the Health Esteem Category! Having just launched a new brand (from Beachbody to BODi), a new platform, and a new app where fitness and nutrition is supported by positive mindset content, BODi breaks from the fitness and diet industry and ushers in the era of Health Esteem. Health Esteem specifically rejects the legacy fitness and diet industry playbook of pursuing a healthy lifestyle based on self-criticism – a playbook Beachbody used to abide by. But after observing the uptick in mental health challenges since the pandemic and seeing that 74% of Americans remain overweight or obese today, despite the efforts of the fitness industry, BODi had to make a change.