Das AI: Cerence (CRNC) and Volkswagen Introduce New AI Feature to Drivers

PRISM NextGen Tech and AI Index company and leader in AI for mobility, Cerence Inc. (CRNC), has announced that Volkswagen Group has implemented Cerence Chat Pro, an advanced automotive-grade ChatGPT integration, across its European models via a cloud update. This marks the first time this solution is available to drivers. The collaboration between Cerence and Volkswagen to introduce these generative AI-powered enhancements to the IDA in-car assistant was first announced at CES 2024 earlier this year.

Volkswagen is using Cerence Chat Pro to allow its European customers to engage in conversational and entertaining interactions with the in-car voice assistant. This assistant utilizes ChatGPT’s large language model, among other sources, to provide accurate and relevant responses to a wide range of queries. Designed specifically for the in-car environment, Cerence Chat Pro is integrated into Volkswagen’s IDA voice assistant. This system employs Cerence’s hybrid approach, enabling seamless interaction with both vehicle command and control features embedded in the car’s headunit, as well as access to cloud-based content and real-time web information.

Cerence Chat Pro is now available in five languages – US English, UK English, German, Spanish, and Czech – across Volkswagen Group brands, including Volkswagen, Cupra, Seat, and Skoda, all of which use the IDA voice assistant. This includes all new Volkswagen ID. models, the updated Golf, the new Tiguan, the new Passat, and legacy models.

Volkswagen will continue the global rollout of Cerence Chat Pro, including in the US, later this year and into early 2025, along with new features and improvements.

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Das AI: Cerence (CRNC) and Volkswagen Introduce New AI Feature to Drivers

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