Intelligent Scopes Brings AI to Colon Cancer Detection

Privately-held company, Intelligent Scopes Corporation, specializes in developing state-of-the-art image enhancement and precision AI software solutions for gastroenterology and urology. This month, the company announced the completion of its Helga AI-GEP™ AI platform for gastroenterology.

Helga AI-GEP™ will offer computer-aided devices for detection, classification and characterization of lesions and tissue irregularities in the colon (colon cancer) and the upper gastrointestinal tract (esophageal and gastric cancer).

The company expects to launch Helga AI-GEP™ services commercially following regulatory clearances in the second half of 2024.

Dr. Rajesh Nair, incoming CEO of Intelligent Scopes Corp, commented, “The Helga AI-GEP™ platform offers AI tools in cancer diagnostics for colorectal and upper GI tract diseases, is versatile and adaptable, agnostic to hardware types and systems, allowing for ease of integration.

“Whilst Helga AI-GEP™ aims to aid the clinicians in diagnosis and detection, we continue our R&D in the field of robotic surgery and work through tangible solutions that can be integrated into existing robotic systems to provide higher accuracy, reduce procedure time, and overall, improve the patient’s care.”

In December 2023, Intelligent Scopes formed a partnership with the Mayo Clinic to develop AI solutions for surgical and endoscopic imaging in the field of urology.

Intelligent Scopes’ mission is to aid endoscopists through all the stages of the patient journey, from providing accurate diagnosis, optimal treatment decision, and during the delivery of surgical treatment. The company is proud to collaborate with key stakeholders including clinicians, academia, and equipment manufacturers to provide tools that can aid endoscopists in providing optimal care to patients.

About Intelligent Scopes Corp

Intelligent Scopes Corp provides state-of-the-art image processing and enhancement software medical devices and AI diagnostic tools for the fields of urology and gastroenterology.  The company focuses on the strategic R&D of image processing, image enhancement, AI diagnostic tools, and robotic guidance systems for endoscopy procedures to improve detection rates, reduce unnecessary biopsies and enhance patient outcomes. For more information, please visit:

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Intelligent Scopes Brings AI to Colon Cancer Detection

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