Oncocyte CEO Josh Riggs on Market Disruption, Product Market Fit and Future Outlook Featured on MedTech Guru’s Podcast

CEO Josh Riggs of the molecular diagnostics technology company, Oncocyte (OCX) was featured on the MedTech Guru’s latest podcast episode 247, “Take Advantage of the Moment.” Riggs discusses Oncocyte’s innovative strategies in molecular diagnostic technology and the profound impact innovation can make toward improving patient care.

In the episode, MedTech podcast host Thomas Hickey identifies Oncocyte as a market disruptor and compares the company to Yogi Berra and “hitting it where they ain’t,” as it relates to Oncocyte’s disruptive approach to democratizing access to molecular diagnostic technology.

Riggs explains that Oncocyte is focused on creating value for customers and partners, as well as shareholders, by marrying innovative science with a simple, but disruptive, business model.

Riggs emphasizes that Oncocyte’s intellectual property includes the sophisticated algorithm and software that underpin its molecular tests. Oncocyte’s test can identify transplant rejection 10 months ahead of protocol, providing a remarkable competitive advantage.

Riggs shared his excitement regarding Oncocyte’s future as the company sets out to activate sites, expand its business, and provide broader access to its technology.  He stated, “There’s demand for this type of testing, and there’s demand for access to this technology. And so for us, it’s all commercial execution at this point. And I think the most exciting thing for us will be able to say, ‘How many sites have we brought up and what percentage of that transplant volume have we captured in the US and on a global basis?’”

To enjoy the entire MedTech Guru’s “Take Advantage of the Moment” episode, click here.


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Oncocyte CEO Josh Riggs on Market Disruption, Product Market Fit and Future Outlook Featured on MedTech Guru’s Podcast

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