PRISM Emerging AI Company Spotlight: Innodata

Shares in leading data engineering company, Innodata Inc. (Nasdaq: INOD) have risen steadily over the past five days after the company announced the release of Intelligent Insights™. The company’s share price rose a further 5.92% in morning trading on Wednesday.

Intelligent Insights is a new generative AI-powered media intelligence feature integrated into Innodata’s industry-leading PR platform, Agility PR Solutions. Agility provides an innovative, industry-leading PR platform that streamlines media monitoring, outreach, and analysis all within an intuitive interface.

Commenting on the launch, Martin Lyster, CEO of Innodata subsidiary Agility PR Solutions, said, “Intelligent Insights significantly changes the game for organizations that analyze media for PR or industry intelligence. [It] produces more robust, on-point media intelligence quickly and accurately. What was once a ‘one-size-fits-all’ technology, media monitoring is now targeted and refined, and news briefs are automatically customized.”

Leveraging generative AI technology, Intelligent Insights enables organizations to gather on-the-fly insights from global print, broadcast and social media platforms, contextually analyze specific brand mentions or trends, and perform language translations.

“With PR CoPilot™ and Intelligent Insights, we believe we have become the leader in our competitive set for generative AI-enablement, and that Agility is poised to become the ‘must-have’ platform for leading agencies, boutiques, and corporate communications departments,” concluded Mr. Lyster. 

About Innodata

Innodata (NASDAQ:INOD) is a global data engineering company delivering the promise of AI to many of the world’s most prestigious companies. We provide AI-enabled software platforms and managed services for AI data collection/annotation, AI digital transformation, and industry-specific business processes. Our low-code Innodata AI technology platform is at the core of our offerings. In every relationship, we honor our 30+ year legacy of delivering the highest quality data and outstanding service to our customers. Visit to learn more.

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PRISM Emerging AI Company Spotlight: Innodata

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