Secures Contract from U.S Army to Develop Advanced AI and Data Analytics Platform (BBAI), a leading data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) company, has secured a contract from the U.S. Army to develop a no-code/low-code, cloud-based platform. The project is part of the Army Test and Evaluation Command Integrated Mission Management System program’s second phase, marking a significant milestone in the U.S. Army’s modernization initiatives.

The $7.7M project is expected to span over nine months, during which will equip the Army with a suite of data, analytics, and collaborative tools. These resources are specifically designed to modernize the Army’s test and evaluation business operations, a critical aspect of the armed forces’ day-to-day functions.

The proposed platform will feature a myriad of capabilities, including project and portfolio management, business intelligence, application integration, and enterprise content and workflow management. Each functionality is expected to provide the Army with streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and improved decision-making processes.

Mandy Long,’s CEO, expressed her pride and excitement over the contract award. She emphasized the pivotal role the phase 2 AIMMS award plays in optimizing test and evaluation data for national security stakeholders. The project is not just a business opportunity for, but also a commitment to supporting the U.S. Army in its drive towards modernization and efficiency.

As the sole provider for Phase 2 of the U.S. Army’s Test and Evaluation Command Integrated Mission Management System, is set to further incorporate its AI and machine learning capabilities into the system. The goal is to deliver superior AI-enabled analytics and decision support, enhancing testing and evaluation processes across the U.S. Department of Defense.

The contract also involves developing new machine learning models. These are expected to increase the precision and promptness of data processing, analysis, and prediction, further cementing its partnership with the U.S. Army.

Big Bear announced its intention to report 2Q earnings on August 8th.

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