Give Bear Hugs. Short Bear Markets. “Teddy Bearish” Gift Centric Stock Plays for Sweetest Day.

As if they weren’t making enough money from Valentine’s Day and those horribly sappy movies, Hallmark wins again. To those who don’t pay attention to inconsequential “love” holidays, this is your reminder that Saturday is Sweetest Day. You probably think it’s the red headed stepchild of Valentine’s Day and you’re right. You might even consider letting it pass by. That is, until your better half remembers. It’s best you do something for them. This way if your person remembers, so did you. But even better if they don’t. Now you have something to hang over their head till at least the end of the weekend. Just don’t push it. It’s not as big of a win as that one time you beat them in mini golf.

If we’ve made you start to panic, don’t worry. We will explore some ideas on what to get your sweetheart. Just remember, we are not experts in this department. Get a gift receipt. To those even luckier or problematic people who are single, stick around. We will be featuring what we like to call “teddy bearish” gift centric stock picks that if played right, won’t make you more attractive but will certainly get more people to like you.

Maybe Start with Breakfast…At Audrey’s Favorite.

Not everyone can get lucky enough to have a kind of love where you both gift one another David Yurman on holidays and anniversaries. If you find them, please return them to us, they’re ours. Luckily, this isn’t a romantic celebration you need to go all out for. But in some convenient instances, you can capitalize and use it to help get you out of the doghouse. If you’ve had a recent screw up like, unknowingly blaring your favorite album while your boo is on a zoom business meeting, jewelry makes people forget. “What meeting?”

From necklaces to cuff links, we are cord lovin’ DY people. However, DY is private, but you can still invest in a classy jeweler, you’ll just need to buy it on the OTC. Tiffany & Co, (TIF) was delisted from the NYSE in 2021 when they were acquired by French luxury company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMHF) for $15.8Bn. The company has been down ~4% YTD, but many long-term investors are impressed by its resilience over the past five years, as it’s returned ~132%. That is more than double the S&P 500 5-year return. Lately, investors have begun to question if the slower demand for high end goods will start to normalize the stock as LVMH missed expectations on its Q3 revenue increase of 9%.

Don’t Let Your Love Fern Die

When it comes to these “love” holidays the classic floral bouquet comes to mind. And at the end of the day, who doesn’t like fresh cut flowers? They also take the pressure off from having to keep a plant alive. We do well with succulents. Bigger bonus though if you have a plant partner. You get the advantage of having a meticulously pruned plant filled house, while still forgetting to water them. Get your garden junkie something potted such as a Peace Lilyfor them to try their hand at next.

Even if you spent all your money on a nice piece of jewelry, we still recommend buying flowers from your local florist before dialing 1-800-FLOWERS (FLWS) but what do we care? You can take our advice or leaf it. All dad jokes aside, FLWS has been wilting on the year, down ~23%. At the end of August, the company reported Q4 earnings citing a decrease in revenues of 17.9% and reported a net loss for the quarter of $22.5M.

Or Wait for Dinner to Order “What She’s Having…”

Lots of people say they are all about the experience. And so are we. We like experiencing opening a gift while being at dinner. Who says you can’t have both? If your person is an “experience enthusiast”, a nice fine dining establishment typically gets the job done. But do it right. If you think fine dining is Carrabba’s, it’s probably best you pick a different experience. Try the carnival.

If we offended any of you casual Italian loving fans, we aren’t sorry. However, if you’re a shareholder we applaud you. Bloomin Brands (BLMN) has been trading up ~15% YTD. In this economy, restaurant groups with a more casual focus may see higher demand than fine dining groups. ONE Group Hospitality, Inc. (STKS), who touts the trendy high-end,STK Steakhouse brand, is trading down ~27% YTD. However, the company could have already reached its bottom as it is trading close to its 52 week low and recently cited multiple new location openings across the country along with increases in revenues and comparable sales in the latest 2Q earnings release.

Avoid Being Sleepless In Seattle and Everywhere Else…

Now if chances are high that your soulmate will be forgetting this day, best to buy a mutually beneficial gift. Treat yo self! This idea may not work for some, but if it does apply, thank us later. Do you ever go to sleep at night and feel as though a locomotive could be continuously running alongside of you? We understand. In the morning when your snuggle bear wakes up refreshed, well rested and in full denial of their snoring, you’re still counting sheep. Well, get ready for one of the best nights of sleep on Saturday. Sleep masks are SO in and they need one!

Resmed (RMD) is a med device company focusing on sleep and respiratory care whose CPAP masks are designed to target sleep apnea. The stock has had some nightmarish performance this year as it’s down ~35% YTD. However, the company will have the opportunity to prove if it can get its head out of the clouds when they announce Q1 earnings next Thursday.

No matter who your Sweetest may be this Saturday, just make sure you show them some love because let’s admit, sometimes it takes a lot to put up with us. But only some times.

Outside of gift centric bearish stock plays, we hope that we have set you up for sweet success on Saturday as you come prepared to either show up or show out. Either way, its going to be considered a beat on your loved one’s estimates of (YOU).

You’re welcome!

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Give Bear Hugs. Short Bear Markets. “Teddy Bearish” Gift Centric Stock Plays for Sweetest Day.

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