Happy Birthday to the Libras: Balancing Portfolios with These Stock Plays in A Horoscope

Saturday the 23rd made it official that it is now Libra Season, and we all have a Libra we know who comes to mind once that zodiac gets mentioned. Now, we aren’t big on “tooting horns” here, we usually are the ones who laugh, when people fall. However, we must say, Libras are some of the slickest in the zodiac. You can’t not like them, but will they ever make a decision to save their lives?

When you think of your favorite Libra, you think of style and class, cozy and friendly, and witty… so witty with charm. But don’t look through rose-colored glasses, they are also rebellious, indecisive and believe you live in their world. They show up at the party when they show up to the party. And that’s it…. But it’s always fashionably late.

We will explore the Libra zodiac while highlighting one successful stock and one that is troublesome, on the year. Let’s break down the Libra horoscope with some high/low stock plays that suit only the most balanced of the Zodiac.


So, these guys are lovers and they’re traditional lovers. Libra is the sign of marriage whose top priority is finding a compatible partner. Libras will want a relationship that’s put down on paper, to provide them with a sense of having an officially purposeful relationship. So, this is us telling you that if you’ve found a crazy Libra, best practice would be to prepare a pre-nup because, marriage is happening.

Most Compatible With: Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Libra

Least Compatible With: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

While most of the mattress stocks in the sector are in the red, Temper Sealy International Inc. (TPX) is in the green on the year, up ~26%. In August, the company announced a Q3 cash dividend as well as announced Q2 earnings that beat estimates for the quarter but slightly lowered on their EPS guidance for the year. If you want to pair this with a current loser, Purple Innovation, Inc. (PRPL), is trading down ~10% YTD. The company reported disappointing earnings in August, as EPS came in at ($0.20) vs Factset ($0.12). We’ll save you the rest of the numbers as they missed on every other metric too.


Good news for Libras, they are less likely to frivolously spend money since they have a hard time deciding what to buy. But don’t get it twisted, these symmetrical stewards have impeccable taste. So, pinky out while you drink your Fuzzy Navel. Libras are the wine and cheese people. They like high fashion, exquisite art and the finer things in life. Basically, they are our cup of Da Hong Pao (all you non-Libras can look that one up). Needless to say, when they do decide, they spend. As for career, Libras excel as lawyers, diplomats and wait for it… judges, go figure.

Libra would probably tell anyone who read Hermès International (HESAY), as HER-MEES, to move their cursor to the box in the right-hand corner with the X and just close out. To you stubborn but strong Taurus people, who don’t follow rules and are still reading, it’s pronounced AIR-MEZ. This high fashion and classic company is trading up, ~15% YTD. Hermès reported an increase in revenues by 25% in their half-year report. If we want to create some kind of equilibrium in the high fashion stock universe, then we should add, Tapestry Inc. (TPR) who is down, ~26% YTD. Not going to make assumptions, but this is the company who owns Coach and Kate Spade, so if you are still calling yourself high fashion, this could be why you’re red. However, they also tout the Stuart Weitzman brand and in August recently acquired Capri Holdings Ltd. (CPRI) in an $8.5B cash deal, who owned high fashion brands such as, Jimmy Choo and Versace.


Libras love a good phone conversation because communication is their jam. You may not like what they have to say, but you’ll never have to wonder what they are thinking. And it could be anywhere… neighbor Regina’s funeral? Anything goes. However, at the end of the day, Libras are loved for being social butterflies which is why they tend to be a friend who is open and honest but a good advice giver and listening ear. When it comes to family, they own it – Matriarch style. They keep the peace in the family and raise theirs in a picture-perfect way while doing what they can to avoid conflict, in the home. At least enough, so the neighbors never have anything bad to say. Regina should have kept her mouth shut.

T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS) is trading slightly into green at ~1% YTD. The company recently celebrated its healthcare network by collaborating with Pixel Health to deploy a 5G hybrid network at Boston Children’s Hospital. On the flip side, AT&T Inc. (T) is trading down ~20% YTD but hopefully may lessen the red when they announce earnings on October 19th.

In honor of Libra SZN (even including Gen Z people here), find some balance in your portfolio, schedule, relationships, and life. Weigh your options and invest with a stabilized mindset.

As our favorite Libra always likes to sign off with, “Thanks a million” to all our Prism MarketView readers.

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Happy Birthday to the Libras: Balancing Portfolios with These Stock Plays in A Horoscope

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