Vocodia IPO Bolstered by Insider Investments

AI software company, Vocodia Holdings’ (CBOE: VHAI) senior management team has further demonstrated its conviction in the company’s strategic direction with significant investments in Vocodia’s February 2024 initial public offering (IPO). The company announced on Tuesday that key members of its management team had purchased common stock at the offering price of $4.25.

Vocodia’s proprietary AI offers dedicated phone switches, known as Digital Intelligence Sales Agents, capable of handling 20,000 calls simultaneously, eradicating hold times for client companies and boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company is targeting two attractive markets, the US call center platforms market, which was valued at $12 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $40 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 16.00%, and the global contact center software market, which is projected to reach $75 billion by 2026.

“The team and I are proud to demonstrate our strong belief in Vocodia’s future growth by participating alongside our investors in the Company’s IPO,” commented Brian Podolak, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Vocodia.

Mr. Podolak invested in the IPO, along with James Sposato, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Director, and Scott Silverman, Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Podolak and Mr. Sposato each hold approximately 1.1 million shares of Vocodia’s common stock and Mr. Silverman holds approximately 131,000 shares. 

About Vocodia Holdings Corp.

Vocodia is an AI software company that builds practical AI functions and makes them easily obtainable for businesses on cloud-based platform solutions at low costs and scalable to multiagent vast enterprise solutions. Vocodia is a conversational AI software developer and provider that offers scalable enterprise-level AI sales and customer service solutions which allow for AI sales representatives to reduce human labor costs and responsibilities while increasing the reach and efficacy of human-led, purposeful, agenda driven and conversational communications. Vocodia deliver its patent pending conversational AI software in the form of Digital Intelligent Sales Agents (the “DISAs”), which are built with AI software programmed to sound and feel human and to perform business tasks that require humans to converse with one another effectively, and thus to provide the best representation for each of its customers’ businesses. For more information, please visit: www.vocodia.com


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Vocodia IPO Bolstered by Insider Investments

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