Powerbridge Technologies (PBTS) Skyrockets 190%

Powerbridge Technologies (PBTS) skyrocketed 190%, reaching a market cap of over $88M. Powerbridge also experience a huge spike in volume, with 272 million shares being exchanged for the day, with an average of under 7 million.

Powerbridge is located in the PRISM Web 3.0 Index, which was up 4.6% for the day, largely due to Powerbridge’s performance.

About Powerbridge Technologies

Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: PBTS) is a provider of multi-industry technology solutions: software applications and services for the global trade industry, IoT platform services as well as intelligent fixtures and devices for smart city operations, supply chain platforms and social livestreaming services for the retail industry, metaverse and smart solutions for the travel and leisure industry, as well as cryptomining and digital asset operations. For more information, visit www.powerbridge.com/ir/.

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Powerbridge Technologies (PBTS) Skyrockets 190%

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