Solar Innovations Shine: Maxeon’s (MAXN) Performance 7 Panels Lead the Green Revolution

PRISM New Energy Index company, Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd. (MAXN), a prominent force in solar innovation and distribution channels worldwide, has once again elevated industry standards with the introduction of its groundbreaking SunPower Performance 7 solar panels tailored for distributed generation (DG) ventures. These Performance 7 panels boast a cutting-edge cell design and circuitry, coupled with premium materials, ensuring exceptional energy output and reliability. Notably, they are the latest addition to Maxeon’s portfolio to be awarded the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certification™ by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, underscoring their remarkable sustainability.

The SunPower Performance 7 panels integrate Maxeon’s state-of-the-art TOPCon cell technology within a shingled-cell framework, offering unparalleled advantages in power, efficiency, reliability, and aesthetics. Designed for optimal shade management and temperature regulation, they mitigate hotspots and maintain cooler cell temperatures compared to conventional panels. Bill Mulligan, CEO of Maxeon, emphasized the company’s extensive patent portfolio spanning almost four decades, highlighting the tangible benefits it brings to solar customers through products like the Performance 7 line, striking a balance between affordability and superior performance.

Crafted with premium materials in a durable glass-glass configuration, Performance 7 solar panels are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including hail, wind, snow, and temperature fluctuations. Enhanced temperature coefficients, bifacial factors, and minimal annual degradation ensure consistent, long-term energy generation. Maxeon offers an unmatched 30-year Power, Product, and Service warranty, setting a new standard in solar panel warranties.

Michelle Molloy, Managing Director of MBDC, praised Maxeon’s transparency and commitment to sustainability throughout the Cradle to Cradle Certification process, emphasizing their dedication to fostering enduring partnerships across the supply chain. Maxeon’s entire Performance 7 production process underwent rigorous assessment by MBDC to earn the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze distinction, reflecting its adherence to stringent sustainability criteria.

Lindsey Wiedmann, Maxeon’s Chief Legal & Sustainability Officer, underscored the company’s commitment to providing customers with sustainable solutions, enabling them to achieve renewable energy goals while reducing their carbon footprint. The Cradle to Cradle certification empowers customers to pursue LEED certification and other sustainability objectives, further solidifying Maxeon’s position as an industry leader in sustainable solar technology.

The new Performance 7 panels are readily available for residential and commercial customers in EMEA and APAC regions through authorized installer networks and distributors, marking another milestone in Maxeon’s mission to drive sustainable energy solutions globally.

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Solar Innovations Shine: Maxeon’s (MAXN) Performance 7 Panels Lead the Green Revolution

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